Google has produced a cut-down version of its commercial search app for small and medium businesses. The Google Mini arrives at the same time as an upgrade to its existing Google Search Appliance for big companies.

Google Mini uses the same technology as the larger appliance but is limited to 50,000 documents. The hardware and software appliance is sold exclusively online and costs $4,995 - a fraction of the cost of the larger version.

Companies of all sizes are having a harder time finding information on their internal intranets and websites said Google product manager Matthew Glotzbach. "It is much easier to find a fact on the Internet using Google versus finding last quarter's sales number on the company intranet. And this is across all types of business," he said. "The Google Mini is enterprise search tailored to smaller and medium size businesses."

At the same time, Google released Version 4.2 of its Search Appliance, featuring support for more types of enterprise content. The new version adds support for enterprise databases, allowing the appliance to crawl content that lives in relational databases. It can now also search across structured and unstructured data. "One of the big missing pieces was accessing content from relational databases," Glotzbach said.

An integration API will also let sysadmins feed legacy system content into the Search Appliance. "Now with the feed API, any content in the enterprise can now be indexed," Glotzbach said.