Google is honoring the 183rd birthday of science fiction author Jules Verne Tuesday by introducing an interactive Google Doodle atop its search page that just might make you a little seasick.

Pull a lever to the right of the gussied up Google logo on the company's main search page and you can navigate the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus to check out starfish, coral, a diver and maybe even a treasure chest through a series of submarine portholes. 

When you click on the image you're taken to a Google search results page about Verne.

Google Doodler Jennifer Holm blogs about the Doodle choice here.

Google has been pumping out gussied up Google logos, dubbed Doodles, on its main search page since 1999.

This new doodle in honor of the author of  A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in Eighty Days and other classics, is the most clever Doodle since Google last year celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man with a Doodle that let you play the video game. 

Other fun Doodles from the past include an April Fools' one last year in which Google replaced its standard logo with one that read Topeka, a nod to Topeka, Kansas, which earlier had announced plans to change its name to Google in order to increase its chances of having Google wire the community through its broadband plan.