The latest build of Google's Chrome browser is available now and has two noteworthy upgrades: Instant Pages, which loads web pages faster and print preview, a feature that many Chrome users have sought for a long time.

Instant Pages, which Google made available to Chrome beta users last month, shaves a few seconds off page loading times by pre-rendering the top search result. When you click the link, the page loads instantly.

Of course, Instant Pages only saves time if you click the top result. Google is confident you will.

"The good news is that we've been working for years to develop our relevance technology, and we can fairly accurately predict when to pre-render," wrote Google Fellow Amit Singhal.

Windows and Linux users can now preview how pages will print in Chrome by upgrading to version 13. Mac users, however, will have to wait until the fature is added in a future update. Chrome 13 doesn't have a separate menu listing for print preview. Rather, when you select "Print" from the menu, the preview screen appears automatically.

Since Chrome updates itself automatically, the version 13 upgrade is painless.