CRM for Google, a customer relationship management tool designed to work with Google Apps, is out of beta testing and available to the public.

The software, made by Etelos, is an attempt to integrate the functionality of a CRM system with the user interfaces of both Google Apps and Google personalised home pages, the vendor said. The beta version was released in late February, just after Google unveiled the enterprise version of Google Apps, a set of communication and collaboration tools.

Etelos says more than 1,500 businesses requested beta accounts. The newly released version includes a marketing tool kit, contact management with customisable contact forms, task management, call scheduling and sales prospect tracking. There are also add-on modules for blog publishing, catalogue management and podcasting.

There are three price levels. The personal edition is free; the professional edition allowing multiple users to share tasks and projects is $12 per user per month; and the enterprise edition - giving users the ability to customise the application and select what type of data storage environment they will use - costs $40 per user per month.

Etelos is also in beta testing with a product called The Outlook Thing, which integrates Outlook contacts with CRM based on the Google home page or Google Apps.