Good Technology's Good Mobile Messaging now supports IBM's Domino, as well as Microsoft Exchange.

"Lotus Domino isn't talked about much but it has 125 million users at 60,000 companies - and grew ten percent last year," said Sue Forbes, vice president for marketing at Good. "It's been under-served in the mobile messaging space, particularly in providing an answer to the Blackberry device."

Domino does already have mobile e-mail support, from RIM Blackberry and Visto, but Forbes claims the Good product gives a better choice of handsets than Blackberry and a better management solution than Visto.

"A lot of Domino users would like to consider devices such as the Nokia E61, HP 9100, and other Windows Mobile devices, but there hasn't been a solution with the right kind of management abilities," said Forbes. "The beta has been way oversubscribed - and some customers have already put the beta into production use."

"We've been supporting Domino for a long time, said Daniel Méndez, co-founder and senior vice president of intellectual property at Visto, in an extended interview. "Good is a US centric without much European presence." Visto is suing Visto for patent infringement: "They sued everyone," said Forbes. "If you are in this space, you are going to get sued by Visto. We'd be disappointed if we were not included."

Only 5 million of the world's 350 million corporate e-mail accounts is mobile, said Forbes, and penetration is lower in the Domino world, than amongst Exchange users. The Good Mobile Messaging software for Domino will cost $1500 per server, and $99 for a single user, with monthly data costs from the operator.

Many customers already using Blackberry want to use different handsets to expand mobile e-mail to less senior users, said Good: "We often co-exist next to Blackberry - over time we gradually get more of the share in those organisations."

The Good product for Domino will be slightly different from the Exchange version, to handle Domino's different organisation of features, and offer "Notes in your pocket," said Forbes: "It's 98 percent similar - it's more about the naming of things." The integration is largely from JP Mobile, the company Good bought last year.

Good Mobile Messaging is the new name for GoodLink, reviewed here. It had the ability to lock down mobile devices added earlier this year.