IT budgets are on the up, another survey - this time from Goldman Sachs - has confirmed. Speaking to 100 CIOs, it concluded that IT spend will increase as companies buy more equipment and software.

Goldman Sachs says that while numbers appear small - just 2.4 percent more in coming months - the continued and steady growth is a positive sign. "For the first time in six months, IT managers are predicting a leveraged tech recovery in which tech capital spending budgets, or spending on new equipment and software, could grow faster than the overall IT budget, which includes staffing costs, services and depreciation," the report states.

Fifty-five of the 100 CIOs surveyed now expect to increase tech capital spending this year, "with the biggest shift occurring among users planning to lift budgets 10 percent or more," the survey says. Since February, when only 11 percent planned an increase, Goldman Sachs now says 16 percent of the Global 1,000 CIOs surveyed will increase spending.

Software priorities remained the same for IT buyers, with security software and hardware topping users' lists. Interest in Linux-based servers and notebooks declined a bit, but Goldman Sachs says the interest will return in coming months.

The report comes on the back of similar tales from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) and IDC, which both predicted increased spending, and another by Gartner, which said the replacement of old operating systems would create a boom upgrade cycle.

So dust down those budget request forms and get the catalogues out, another spending spree is upon us.