Genuitec has released a new version of its Pulse software lifecycle management product and is suggesting it as a possible enterprise-level replacement for IBM's Jazz application lifecycle management technologies.

Available now, Pulse is a general purpose software management system geared toward software projects being built using Eclipse tools. Version 3.0 features a dashboard enabling developers, systems engineers, and architects to synchronise the process of software development and delivery, Genuitec said. The release introduces a capability for authorized team members to contribute to one or more projects that are standardised and shared, boosting collaboration. Administrators can set permissions and restrictions on project access.

"[Pulse is] actually similar to a lot of the concepts that IBM's trying to do with Jazz but a little different in scope," said Todd Williams, vice president of technology at Genuitec. IBM with Jazz wants to offer an all-or-nothing proposition for handling all stages of a project, including requirements and defect tracking, Williams said. Genuitec offers integration with what developers already use in such areas as requirements and defect tracking and application creation tools, according to Genuitec.

Pulse 3.0 Community Edition is a free hosted version for individual developers. Pulse 3.0 Freelance Team Edition, installed at a user site, enables users to share profiles and environment settings. It costs $6 per month per user or $60 per year. A free 30-day trial is available.