Fujitsu Siemens has joined the list of companies launching netbooks with the introduction of the Amilo Mini. 

Like other netbooks, the Amilo Mini is small and light. It has a 9-inch screen, runs the 1.6GHz version of Intel's Atom processor and will be available in several configurations with hard-disk drive storage space from 30GB to 80GB, said Björn Fehrm, a Fujitsu Siemens spokesman.

The model on show at IFA had 1GB of memory and was running Windows XP Home.

The company plans to launch it in Europe in October this year. It will cost €399 (£318). A similar computer will be launched by Fujitsu in the Americas and Asia.

The netbook market - sometimes called low-cost laptop, mini-laptop or ultramobile PC - has come alive in the past few months after PC makers scrambled to emulate the success of Taiwan's Asustek Computer and its Eee PC.