Fujitsu will launch its first laptop hard drives using perpendicular recording technology in October, the company has said.

The resulting 80GB and 160GB models will boast a high resistance to shocks, and the 160GB model is the highest capacity drive running at 5,400 rpm yet announced by a drive manufacturer, according to Fujitsu.

Perpendicular recording is a relatively new magnetic recording method that is being increasingly employed on many hard-disk drives. Using the new method, the north and south poles of magnetic particles are arranged perpendicular to the disc rather than running parallel to the disc. The result is that each particle occupies a smaller area of the disk's surface and so more particles can be crammed onto it.

At the same time, Fujitsu will begin selling versions of the drives aimed at consumer electronics products such as digital video recorders. Key features of these drives are low noise levels and low power consumption.