Fujitsu has released its Systemwalker management suite of products within Europe. The latest generation of the software, Version 12, will be the first that will be fully marketed over here.

With the core product of the suite, Centric Manager, the company is looking to tackle the systems management market, taking on the likes of Tivoli and Unicenter. According to Ian Watkinson, Systemwalker’s European support manager, the differentiating factor is that “Systemwalker is a lot less complex than those products as it does a lot more with a single agent.”
Senior director, Declan Jones added that Centric Manager was so simple that it could be used by a small business – albeit one that wanted to pay the £10,000 for the cheapest version.

There will be eight other products in the Systemwalker suite: five additional server products and three desktop, all of which are available immediately. Two of the server products, however, are Oracle and SAP plug-ins for Centric Manager, that are not available as standalone products.

The other mainstay of the Systemwalker range is the Service Quality Coordinator, a product that can assess server performance and check that it meets server delivery guidelines. “It’s a way of replicating the customer’s experience and allowing you to see what the customer can see,” said Watkinson.

Jones told Techworld that Fujitsu took so long to launch the product into Europe because the product had to exactly right. He said that the product had been used by European branches of multinational organisations before now.

The three desktop products Desktop Patrol, Keeper and Encryption are all aimed at offering protection to laptops.

Teresa Jones, senior analyst of The Butler Group said that the “systems and infrastructure market is congested” but Systemwalker was “a cost-effective, yet fully integrated solution”