Unsurprisingly, a story about Fox News demonising video games has a lot of gamers riled up. Today's top story is the victimisation of Bulletstorm.

A Fox News "Personal Tech" blog penned by John Brandon asks if Bulletstorm is the worst video game in the world. One of the sources cited in the article, psychologist Carol Lieberman, says that an increase in rapes can be attributed to "the playing out of scenes in video games."

In response to the story, EA issued a statement to several inquiring outlets supporting the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and its decision to grade Bulletstorm as M for Mature. The statement also likens the violence in the game to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill and Robert Rodriguez's cinematic depiction of Frank Miller comic Sin City, saying "[T]his game is an expression of creative entertainment for adults."

What makes this story news is how angry it makes gamers and non-gamers alike. Entire books exist on the subjects of newsroom agendas, broadcast journalism and sensationalism, and media panic, so we won't bother to explain to you what's "wrong" with the Fox News story. Chances are you already know. Chance are, you remember this happening before.

The only thing you might wonder is why, if Fox News failed at journalism on the subject of video games before, they would bother to do it again.

Our answer, sadly, is to direct you to the whopping 887 comments on the original Fox story and the 6K Recommends on Facebook. You think Fox wants to pass up that kind of attention? You think we can afford to pass up that kind of attention, even if we know the story is no story at all?