Mozilla has released a stability update for its Firefox browser designed to fix a number of bugs, some of which have been causing crashes.

It doesn't include planned Leopard enhancements, but it does fix bugs that had been causing the browser to crash at start-up, render web pages improperly or disable add-ons for some users.

The Firefox update is considered a "stability" fix and does not address any security issues, according to release notes posted by Mozilla.

Windows Vista systems that were reporting "Java not found" errors while running the browser, should see an improvement with this release, as should some Windows users who were seeing their browser crash on start-up, Mozilla said.

Mozilla developers had been hoping to fix several bugs in the recent Leopard release of the Mac OS X operating system with this release, but they did not make the release, according to Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering. "There are some issues in Leopard that we want to address soon - but they did not get finished in time," he said.

The most significant of these bugs is a flaw that prevents drop down menus from working on some websites, he said.