A US-based startup has unveiled a relational database as a service platform for the EC2 cloud, which aims to ease concerns over data loss if the database server goes down.

Speaking at a TechCrunch's "Whose Cloud is it Anyway?" roundtable event in Mountain View, California, on Friday afternoon, Justin Santa Barbara, CEO of FathomDB, revealed the company's intentions.

"We're launching today as the only player offering standard relational databases in the cloud. We're the easiest way to run your database," Santa Barbara said.

"FathomDB gives you a worry-free database," he stressed. Featuring a pay-as-you-go model, the web-based service requires no application changes and no lock-in, Santa Barbara said. It is based in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and utilizes the MySQL database, he said.

Low-level database tasks are tended to by FathomDB, and data safety is provided, said Santa Barbara. Analytics are offered to show what is happening in a customer's database, he said. Additional services are planned, such as reporting.

Open registration for beta have begun, with general availability anticipated in a couple of months, Santa Barbara said. He encouraged attendees at the event to "sign up today and leave the database to us."

Microsoft also has big plans for cloud-based database services, readying its SQL Data Services, which will be based on the company's SQL Server database and run on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.