Facebook is refusing to reveal if UK companies are trialling its new Facebook at Work messaging and collaboration platform. 

The Silicon Valley social media giant, which has 1.4 billion users worldwide, told Techworld today that it can’t yet confirm if UK companies are taking part in the Facebook at Work trials, announced last Wednesday.

Facebook at Work will be available on desktop and mobile ©Facebook
Facebook at Work will be available on desktop and mobile ©Facebook

The company added that it has been trialling Facebook at Work with a small number of people at a handful of companies but it didn’t reveal who they were or in which countries the companies were based. 

The service, which Facebook has been using internally for some time, is now ready for wider testing with select partner companies, according to Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm said at this stage it is particularly keen to get feedback from businesses on Facebook at Work.

Several other enterprise IT vendors, such as SAP and Salesforce, already offer well-established products in the market that Facebook is chasing. 

Critics have suggested that Facebook won't be able to provide the security that enterprises need, with others adding that it will simply act as a distraction to employees

However, unlike other enterprise chat and collaboration services, Facebook At Work is going to be free, possibly making it more appealing to startups with small budgets. 

Another one of Facebook's biggest advantages is that over a billion people already know what Facebook is and the majority of users have a reasonably good understanding of how its interface works. 

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