Facebook is trying to make it easier for web publishers to hook up their sites to the company's Connect data portability system.

To pave the way, Facebook are releasing a developer tool designed to simplify the process of setting up Connect on an external website.

Called Connect Wizard, the tool walks web publishers through three steps to implement Connect, which lets people sign in to external websites with their Facebook login data.

Connect can also let Facebook members port to other websites content from their profiles, like basic personal information, photos, notes, friends lists and status updates.

"From making the registration process easier for users, to bringing friends together, to gaining distribution from sharing back to Facebook, there are many benefits that come along with Facebook Connect, and we're focused on helping you optimise your website and service to provide a more social experience for users," wrote Facebook platform engineer Alex Himel in an official blog post.

Along with Connect Wizard, Facebook also unveiled Playground for Facebook Connect, a section on its developers website with Connect-related code samples.

In a separate but related announcement, Facebook released another developer tool called Translations for Facebook, designed to simplify and automate the translation of website content.