Extricom has added intrusion prevention to its "blanket" WiFi architecture by integrating technology from AirTight Networks.

Extricom's approach to WLANs involves setting all the access points to the same channels, thereby creating a blanket of WLAN coverage where all channels operate at all parts of the network, and the traffic is sorted out at the switch - instead of routing traffic to individual access points, as other switches do.

The company claims its innovative approach solves most of the problems of WiFi, but has never made any claims for it being more secure than existing systems - hence the deal with AirTight, a company that has been competing (primarily with AirDefense, AirMagnet and Network Chemistry) in the closely fought WLAN security world for the last four years.

AirTight will implement its SpectraGuard intrusion system on top of the Extricom blanket switch, and Extricom will add this to the options it sells. AirTight, for its part will sell Extricom systems - persumably as part of its intrusion prevention systems.