It's been a long time coming - and there have been a couple of leaks on the way - but Apple is finally set to reveal which service providers are the ones who will be offering the iPhone in Europe's largest markets.

According to a a report in the Financial Times, Apple will be offering its new device through O2 in the UK, Orange in France and T-Mobile in Germany. The operators are paying dearly for the privilege too - according to the FT, Apple is set to take 10 percent of the revenue from the phones.

The deals with T-Mobile and O2 had already been widely rumoured so there's nothing earth-shatteringly new about the deal. The FT report doesn't indicate whether users will be offered 3G (UMTS) rather than the 2.5G offered in the US; nor does it give any indication of the length of contract from the service providers. With European users favouring pay-as-you-go or yearly contracts, there might be some reluctance to take on the two-year deal that US users are being offered by AT&T. The FT report does indicate that Apple will not allow subsidies on the handset, so users can expect to pay a hefty premium for their iPhones.

Apple plans to announce the deal officially at the IFA international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin next week, the Financial Times reported.

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