The EU region is said to have the lowest average 4G mobile contract prices in the world.

Research from telecoms pricing consultancy TCL shows the impact of new 4G network launches over the last three months on the market, covering pricing from 130 operators in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The research shows 4G operators in Europe are reducing the price for existing 4G services – particularly in France, says TCL, where 4G services are being charged at the same level as 3G data.

Additionally, a number of operators are offering selective price discounts or bundles as part of a 4G promotion. In Germany, for instance, there is a 40 percent price reduction being offered for entry level pricing models (for the first 12 months of a 24 month contract term).

TCL also cites Vodafone offering the option to subscribe to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile with a 4G contract, with a free period ranging from six months up to 24 months, depending on the 4G package chosen.

Some 4G operators are also now offering pre-pay 4G services, including Everything Everywhere (EE) in the UK.

Another trend is the introduction of 4G as a low cost “add-on”, with TIM in Italy charging an additional five euros per month for its 4G Internet Plus product, which allows theoretical download speeds of up to 70mbps with the existing user data allowance.

TCL said the average price per Gigabyte on 4G networks, including tax, was:

EU region $1.75 (£1.12)
Rest of Europe $2.17
Middle East $2.63
Americas $4.97
Asia Pacific $5.07
Africa $9.11