Ericsson has improved its Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution, which allows TV service providers to easily monitor and manage delivery of content to virtually any type of consumer entertainment device from a central location, with the help of open source technology.

Ericsson built the Multiscreen TV Solution specifically to help TV service providers reduce costs and open new revenue streams. The solution includes built-in reports covering operations and marketing.

On the operational side data is supplied on usage and the health of the TV system being used, and with marketing there is data on the content customers are browsing and consuming, in order to support decisions about offerings and to calculate royalties.

To enable an improved service Ericsson has replaced its previous relational database with MongoDB. With this open source NoSQL database the company says it has enjoyed faster response times, low latency and zero downtime during upgrades.

As Ericsson developed the most recent release of the Multiscreen TV Solution the company needed a powerful business intelligence engine to query a high volume of data in MongoDB. Previously, Ericsson used JReport, which didn't integrate with MongoDB or produce the types of output that TV service providers wanted, namely CSV files.

"We were looking for something that would integrate directly with MongoDB," said Jon Anderson, a strategic product manager for Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution. "We wanted the ability to produce nice-looking reports but also have a strong export capability because a lot of our customers will be exporting into a bigger data warehouse."

Ericsson chose Jaspersoft to bring more feature-rich reporting to the Multiscreen TV Solution. With JasperReports Server the company has achieved a number of its objectives, including direct integration with MongoDB without extract, transform, and load (ETL), making it faster and simpler to get data from Jaspersoft.

There is also consolidation into one database, as Jaspersoft's has the ability to integrate with MongoDB directly, so Ericsson doesn't need to own and maintain two separate databases, one relational and one NoSQL.

Using Jaspersoft iReport Designer developers can build reports on top of MongoDB and embed them in the customer portal within the Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution.

For TV service customers, said Ericsson, the addition of Jaspersoft provides "more flexible and powerful reporting". With a variety of export options, customers have data in the format they need to support their efforts without having to spend time manipulating it.

"On the customer side there are a lot of analysts playing with data," Anderson said. "With our latest version of Ericsson Multiscreen TV Solution they can do data visualisation and analysis on their own. Whatever the data need of the system operator we can now provide data in a way that supports their analytic need."