Entrigue Systems, which develops the Windows logon-scripting tool Script Start, is taking the software open source to allow users to more rapidly customise the code.

The company plans to make the announcement at the annual LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco.

The company says it will continue developing proprietary products that will work around the core of Script Start. The desktop-automation tool runs from a Windows or Linux domain controller and services Windows-based machines, though the company says that Linux desktops could be added once the software is open source.

When a user logs on to his or her Windows desktop, Script Start maps drives, configures profiles and printers, adjusts Internet proxy settings, and performs other routine setup duties after the machine is rolled out to a user.

The software has a Web-based configuration interface called ScriptConsole and integrates with the open source script processor engine KiXtart.

Script Start, which is owned by IT consulting firm Entrigue, was first released in 2005. It includes a set of configuration modules for routine tasks.

The company is a small player in a market with such major companies as ScriptLogic, which was acquired by Qwest for $90 million earlier this year.

The company has yet to decide whether it will license Script Start under the GPLv2 or GPLv3 open source license or where it will make the source code available, according to Entrigue CEO Jon McDonald.