A new combined fixed network and mobile network application and security platform for enterprises is being launched this week.

The system allows companies to protect the fixed application and security systems they already have in place as they move towards bring your own device (BYOD) strategies to support staff mobile devices.

Mobile Helix, the enterprise application and data security platform provider, is unveiling its Link HTML5-based platform today.

Link is said to be "designed with data security rather than device security at its core". The technology bridges the fixed/mobile application divide by allowing any existing or new browser-based enterprise application to be deployed across multiple device types, including mobile devices, PCs and laptops.

Link supports iOS and Android now, and will support Windows 8, Mac OSX and Blackberry 10 later this year.

HTML is the most commonly used development platform within enterprises, meaning companies using Link do not have to invest in any additional skills or infrastructure to enable secure mobility across their business, said Mobile Helix.

Seth Hallem, CEO of Mobile Helix, said, "Link is designed with unrestricted enterprise productivity at its core. It is the first product on the market to combine the unmistakable benefits of device-independent applications built using HTML5, with a disruptive data security platform that ensures sensitive corporate data is safe on any device."

He said, "We believe the notion that fixed and mobile applications require different development, delivery and security solutions is fundamentally flawed.

"Enterprises don't have the time or budget to simply throw out years of investment in standards-based IT, and take a completely new and often proprietary approach to mobility. IT needs a unified strategy for building new apps and converting existing ones."

Maribel Lopez, an analyst at Lopez Research, said, "Contrary to popular opinion mobile operating systems aren't necessarily less secure than PC operating systems. A tablet or smartphone with the right data security posture can be as, if not more, secure than a typical corporate laptop."

Lopez said, "For employees to be effective in their roles, critical enterprise data and applications must flow unrestricted across devices and networks. Firms need mobile solutions that can integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure."