EnterpriseDB, which sells an Oracle-compatible database for businesses, has released two new products including an all-in-one installer for Linux servers, and a flavour of its flagship database aimed at business intelligence and data warehouse users.

EnterpriseDB Postgres for Linux combines into a single package: the open-source PostgreSQL database as well several popular open-source components for database monitoring and other areas. This eliminates the need for IT administrators or DBAs to manually download multiple open-source components, and ensures that they work with PostgreSQL, said Bob Zurek, new vice president and chief technology officer at EnterpriseDB.

EnterpriseDB will offer support for all of the software in the bundle for $1,000 per CPU for basic technical support and $3,000 per CPU for 24/7 support.

The company also announced the beta release of GridSQL for EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, which Zurek said can scale well for large data warehouses. A final version will be ready in the fourth quarter and a price will be announced at that time.

EnterpriseDB claims 125 customers, most of them users of - or switchers from - Oracle. They include FTD Group, Vonage Holdings and Sony Online Entertainment.

The company launched Version 8.2 of its flagship Advanced Server just a few months before Oracle released its 11g upgrade last month.

“You can wait 12 months until the kinks get worked out of Oracle 11g, or you can get EnterpriseDB, which is rock-solid right away,” said Zurek, a former executive at data integration vendor Ascential Software, which was bought by IBM in 2005.