Enterprisewide document and records management systems are booming in the UK, according to research.

A survey of more than 150 UK companies found that 29 percent are now deploying and implementing document and records management systems across the business – nearly twice as many as in 2005. Another 19 percent of firms have begun to integrate document and records management projects across departments, up from 13 percent two years ago.

The survey carried out by enterprise content management trade body AIIM Europe found that UK adoption rates for the systems are now similar to those in the US.

Nearly half the organisations surveyed said they planned to spend “more” or “much more” on document and records management technologies this year, compared with 2006. Only 13 percent were planning to spend less.

The greatest challenge to deploying the technology was seen as gaining board-level support, cited by 28 percent of respondents, while 27 percent of those surveyed said change management was the biggest hurdle.