Embarcadero Technologies is adding visual representations of where data resides and how it has changed, to its ER/Studio data modelling tool, which is scheduled to be released next week.

ER/Studio 8.0 offers a model-driven approach to tracing data in the enterprise from source to target, Embarcadero said. Highlighted in version 8.0 is a featured called "Visual Data Lineage," which helps architects and modellers solve business issues around data integration. Visual Data Lineage provides a visual representation of data flows and changes and offers users an automated process and richer metadata, according to Embarcadero.

The feature can accommodate data models from systems like CRM, product, and order systems, said Jason Tiret, director of modelling and design solutions at Embarcadero.

"Visual Data Lineage allows you to capture how data is linked and used across those systems," Tiret said. It also can assist with moving data from transaction systems to a data warehouse and helps with compliance initiatives and data audits, Embarcadero representatives said.

Version 8.0 offers data professionals the ability to conduct an impact analysis between data sources and targets and visually analyse and document data flow without the need to inspect code, the company said.

Other features in ER/Studio 8.0 include:

  • Integration with LDAP directories, for managing user access in the Embarcadero repository via LDAP and Active Directory integration.
  • Attribute-level submodeling, in which users can select specific attributes displayed in a submodel for easier management of complex models. A submodel enables a large model to be broken up into functional or subject areas.
  • Expanded database support, with support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Sybase IQ 12.5.

ER/Studio is part of Embarcadero's suite of modelling tools, which also includes products such as ER/Repository, which offers a server-side model repository, and the ER/Portal tool for metadata search and reporting.

ER/Studio costs $3,500 (£2,265) per seat, but tiered pricing is available based on specific database platforms and editions of the product.

Back in August, the company upgraded its CodeGear rapid application development (RAD) tools for Windows.