Embarcadero Technologies has launched a new version of its database design and modeling tool, ER/Studio XE. According to Embarcadero, enhancements include modifications to the user experience and expanded database management system support for Netezza's TwinFin appliance.

The user experience improvements include more automation of modeling tasks, allowing users to analyse databases more quickly, said Embarcadero.

The relationship with Netezza is to support the increasing number of Embarcadero customers who are using business analytics to make sound business decisions and are turning to Netezza for its data warehouse appliances.

"With a faster and more highly scalable repository, and by expanding ER/Studio's DBMS support for Netezza, our customers can better manage and reuse their existing data assets and ultimately optimise internal processes to save time and money," said Jason Tiret, director of modelling and architecture solutions, Embarcadero Technologies

ER/Studio XE is now generally available worldwide, with an entry level price of $5,995. This includes ER/Studio Data Architect, ER/Studio Business Architect, ER/Studio Software Architect, ER/Studio Repository, ER/Studio Portal, MetaWizard Import/Export, ToolCloud and multi-platform support. It supports a wide range of databases including ER/Studio XE supports Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL Server, InterBase, MySQL and PostgreSQL