Mobile network operator EE has doubled its 4G customer base from one million to two million in just four months, it was revealed today. 

The firm, which was the first to offer 4G mobile internet in the UK, revealed last September that it had achieved its target of reaching one million customers three months ahead of schedule. 

EE, which operates the Orange and T-Mobile brands, invested heavily in a national advertising campaign led by actor Kevin Bacon to secure its place as the UK’s 4G market leader and this may have helped it to boost the number of 4G customers.

However, EE has over 27 million customers, which means that only a fraction are using 4G. 

Mobile operators may find it hard to convince customers to sign up to their 4G services after an Ofcom survey released last summer revealed that only a quarter of mobile phone users see any benefit of moving to the superfast mobile network. 

Rivals O2 and Vodafone launched their own 4G services in the UK last August, while Three began rolling out the faster mobile internet service to customers last month. However, they only cover a handful of cities between them whereas EE has already been expanded to 160 towns and cities across Britain.

EE is also aiming to outdo competitors with an even faster 4G service, which is now available in 20 towns and cities in the UK and said to be twice as quick as conventional 4G.

The firm, which began offering 4G in October 2012, was given a head start in the battle for 4G when industry regulator Ofcom granted it permission to use its existing 2G spectrum to roll out 4G services.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said: “This year, our network priority is to deliver the benefits of superfast mobile internet to more of the UK and invent even more innovative ways for our customers to make the most of their 4G experience.”

The big four operators in the UK (EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three) have spent a total of £2.4 billion on 4G services, after the government auctioned off further spectrum early last year.