British ereader company Interead's products are still being sold in UK stores, even though the company was wound up in Liverpool County Court over a month ago. The company was served a winding-up order by Clerkenwell-based PR company Beam Communications

Interead's Cool-er colourful range of e-readers, competitors to the likes of Sony, are still being offered by Argos and Tesco stores, as well as being available online from LoveFilm. Tesco would not comment as to why it was not fully informing its customers about Interead's financial problems but Argos put out a statement "We took the commercial decision earlier this year to phase out this product range. We no longer have an active working relationship with this supplier and were unaware of the suggested recent developments within their business.

According to a report in The Guardian, Interead claimed the company's problems came about when an order for 17,000 Cool-ers from a high-profile American retail group was cancelled at the 11th hour. Last year, Interead claimed that it had signed a deal with AT&T for a 3G version of Cool-er, it's not clear what happened to that.