The latest drone from DJI, the Phantom 3, promises live 4K streaming of drone camera footage straight to YouTube.

The firm is a favourite amongst consumers, with some famous names and film production companies using its Phantom 2 in film production. It was a DJI drone that famously crashed into the White House last year. The firm responded to the incident by claiming it would provide geo-fencing in out-of-bounds areas like airports to avoid any crashes.

The phantom 3 was touted by Philip Bloom as a great tool for budding film producers ©DJI
The phantom 3 was touted by Philip Bloom as a great tool for budding film producers ©DJI

The camcopter’s higher quality resolutions enable film producers, or hobbyists, more flexibility in the editing process before sharing their drone film or photos online.

In conjunction with its pilot app, which controls the drone, the controller can upload film in 720p quality in near real-time within a one-mile radius, spelling a revolution for reporting on conflicts within journalism and safety and maintenance monitoring within construction and oil and gas industries.

Pilots use an app on their own device to control the drone, with real-time capabilities to upload straight to YouTube. ©DJI

Shell, for example, already uses drones to monitor its off-shore plants in areas where it would be too dangerous to send an employee.

One famed British film producer Philip Bloom uses drones to capture birds-eye view images for CNN, said he would be adding the Phantom 3 to his toolbox during the launch of DJI’s latest UAV in London yesterday.

Also in attendance was Emma Bowen, co-founder of film company Helicopter Girls, the UK's first all-female drone camera crew. Bowen will be using drones for the latest film in the Mission Impossible franchise. She encouraged more women to get into technology careers, telling the audience: "We need more female drone pilots."

The 4K resolution Phantom 3 will retail at £1,159 and the Phantom Advanced (which offers 1080p resolution) will cost around £800.

The drones have 23 minutes of battery life.