Doxie, the portable and socially adept scanner for documents and photos, on Thursday added CloudApp integration to its arsenal, a service that lets users share scanned items very quickly across the web.

If you need a refresher, Apparent's Doxie is a compact, USB-powered scanner. It can scan documents and photos at up to 600 dpi and upload them to a variety of services such as Google Docs, Flickr, Tumblr and Evernote. It's also adorned with a handful of pink hearts, including one for the power button.

Like Droplr, CloudApp is designed to make it super simple to share something on the web. You can drag a document, photo, or file to CloudApp's menu-bar utility to upload it to CloudApp's servers. You can also install one of CloudApp's plug-ins for apps including iPhoto, Font Book, and even the iPhone Simulator that Apple provides to developers. CloudApp automatically copies a public, shareable URL to your clipboard, ready for you to IM, email and tweet.

Now, Doxie wants to make it super simple to share anything that is not yet on your computer. You can scan a document with your Doxie scanner, click to send it up to CloudApp from Doxie's utility, and you'll get a handy CloudApp URL for sharing your scanned document. Apparent is providing CloudApp integration to all existing Doxie owners via a free software update.