Domino's Pizza believes that most customers will place orders via their mobiles by 2015.

In its interim results, the pizza delivery company said that its online channels were the main driver of growth in its UK business. Its online sales increased by 30.6 percent to £204.7 million in 2014.

"Sales through these [e-commerce] channels now represent 69.7 percent of delivered sales and mobile now makes up 38.3 percent of this, up from 27.5 percent in the first half of 2013," Domino's said in its results for the 26 weeks ended 29 June 2014.

"We anticipate that mobile will become our most popular ordering channel in 2015."

Consequently, the company plans to increase investment in its digital channels.

David Wild, CEO of Domino's, said: "I am especially pleased at the continued success of our e- and m-commerce platforms showing how customers enjoy and appreciate the benefit of ordering online. We are investing further to drive this even harder."

For example, it is due to go live with a new website with screen size optimisation, easier ordering and payment and better photography, in September. This will be available across all of the company's online channels, including its mobile apps.

Although adoption of the firm's e-commerce channels is lower in the Republic of Ireland than in the UK, Domino's said that it was still seeing a rise in mobile orders, which represents 40.3 percent of digital sales.

"We see this as an area of future opportunity," it said.

The company reported that group profit increased 10.1 percent, from £22.2 million in the first half of 2013 to £24.5 million this year.

Domino's announced in October 2013 that it was using software analytics tool Splunk Enterprise to help boost its online and mobile sales business, by analysing operational and sales data.

IT problems that the software helped to identify include improving latency, issues with internet connections, and payment processing issues across stores.

It has said that this resulted in upfront savings of more than $300,000 (£186,000).

In June, Domino's was hacked by cyber criminals who demanded a 30,000 Euro (£24,000) ransom not to make public the stolen personal details of 650,000 Domino's Pizza French and Belgian customers, including - bizarrely - their favourite special toppings preferences.

Domino's uses the hosted RackConnect service from supplier Rackspace for its applications and platforms.