Remember the DeLorean, that funky, futuristic car of Back to the Future fame? Guess what - it's back.

DMC announced the Electric DeLorean at its Texas Open House: Think the iconic, Back to the Future model, but one that doesn't run on gasoline. While there isn't many details on the electric car, it should enter production in 2013, according to the company, offer a 260-horsepower engine, and will be able to reach a top speed of 125mph - easily meeting the 88mph speed needed to activate time travel (no word on whether a flux capacitor option will be available).

It took DMC around four years - and some help from electric car startup Epic EV - to develop the Electric DeLorean. Design-wise, the car looks almost identical to the original, so it's bound to capture the hearts of geeks everywhere.

Now for the bad news: it's going to set you back between £57,000 ($90,000) and £63,300 ($100,000) if you want one. Although if you have around £24,700 ($39,000) handy, you could always pick up a vintage 80s model (in true Back to the Future style) from DMC's pre-owned section.

Now that an electric DeLorean is definitely in the pipeline, how long until DMC release a model running on a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor?