Disney and Creative England have launched a £95,000 app competition to support family healthier living.

Creative England supports creative and digital firms, including startups.

Disney Toy Story apples
Disney wants to commercialise a new app that supports healthier living. Image credit: Disney

Disney will be commercialising the winning app, and is opening up intellectual property - including that around Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters - to enable developers to come up with the best ideas.

"We know developers would love to work with those characters," said Disney Interactive developer Matt Carroll. "Hopefully for this project they can do something a little different, something that isn't the usual run-of-the-mill game.

"We want something great commerically that also offers a change for good."

Ideas could include wearable technology or augmented reality, for instance.

Submissions close on 29 April. Three applications will be selected by Disney and Creative England, with these companies each receiving a £5,000 grant to prepare a "proof of concept".

The three will then take part in a live pitch where one firm will receive £80,000 to take the idea forward. Disney wants a commercial product by next February.