Eagle Eye, a UK provider of a platform that allows retailers such as Tesco to target shoppers with personalised offers, has signed a deal with Rackspace for its DevOps automation service.

DevOps integrates the roles of developers and operations teams, requiring automated infrastructure and workflows so that applications can be developed more quickly.

The firm will use the service to manage a cloud-based infrastructure that supports its product network for offers, vouchers and reward transactions. Its AIR platform allows retailers to integrate coupons into loyalty programmes and deliver vouchers and rewards directly to customers' mobile devices,

The RackSpace service will allow Eagle Eye to deploy and scale hybrid cloud infrastructures for the firm's AIR platform applications automatically. This will enable the company to deploy new features faster.

"We now have the flexibility to scale up and down and get products to potential and existing customers faster," said Steve Rothwell, founder and director of Eagle Eye.

"We let Rackspace focus on our infrastructure and the tools we need to run more efficiently and our team can focus on writing code for our products."

Eagle Eye first started working with Rackspace in 2008 for the delivery of a managed cloud solution. The latest contract is also a managed service, which means that Rackspace will manage the updates, security patches and the latest versions of environment stacks for the automation.

The company's internal DevOps team will also have access to Rackspace's DevOps experts to discuss performance metrics and real-time application insight, so that Eagle Eye can ensure it has the optimum application infrastructure.

"DevOps has become a formally-recognised technology discipline for IT professionals and is therefore an increasingly sought-after skill-set for businesses, and Eagle Eye's investment in both internal and external specialists highlight this," said Chris Jackson, practice area CTO of DevOps at Rackspace.

Founded in 2003, Eagle Eye processes more than two million transactions a month for over 80 customers, including Tesco and Marks & Spencer.