MediaTek Labs is helping to fulfil demand from developers who are itching to create new wearable devices, according to the chipmaker.

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek launched its Labs developer programme in September. The Labs, currently only online, provides tools and resources, such as the LinkIt development platform, to enable developers to create new wearable and Internet of Things devices using MediaTek’s chipset.

“There’s a pent-up demand from what we can see on creating the next generation of devices which are wearables,” Marc Nadell, VP of MediaTek Labs told Techworld at a press event in London this week.

“There’s been over 10,000 documents downloaded since we launched.”

Although Nadell refused to reveal how many developers were accessing the Labs, he said the number was “in the thousands”.

Developers using the Labs have free access to SDKs, video demos, technical code and MediaTek staff who can help them answer any questions they may have in developing their product prototypes.

“Our stake is if they’re successful and launch their products, they will have MediaTek chips inside,” Nadell said.

The company plans to introduce physical labs in 2015, primarily based where MediaTek currently has development staff working and in cities where there are frequent developer events. For example in the UK, it has staff based in Cambridge who monitor the Labs forums for developers’ questions.