Dell has updated its line of Precision mobile workstations for Intel’s 'Ivy Bridge' processors, with the 17-inch M6700 being the first available with a stereoscopic 3D screen and Nvidia’s 3D Vision Pro tech.

3D Vision Pro uses RF-based active shutter glasses so that creatives can work on stereo 3D projects in tools such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects or The Foundry's Nuke for long periods without developing a grinding headache just behind the eyes.

Three new models are available: the 15-inch Precision M4700, the Precision M6700, and a ‘special edition’ Precision M6700 called the Covet – which has a bright red finish and a Corning Gorilla Glass display for brighter output.

The laptops support the latest Intel Core i5, i7 or i7 Extreme Edition chips, and up to 16GB of 1,866MHz ECC RAM (or 32GB of 1,600MHz RAM - their predecessors supported only 1,600MHz RAM).

The M4700 storage has three storage bays – one capable of holding a 3.5-inch drive, one mSATa and an optical bay that can be swapped out for a second mSATA drive – allowing of up to 1.8TB. The M6700 and Covet up this to 2.8TB with an additional 3.5-inch drive bay.

The 3D screen is an option, as is an RGB LED screen that offers a colour gamut of over 100 percent Adobe RGB.

Graphics power on the M4700 is provided a choice of either AMD or NVidia’s latest chips over a PCIe x16 Gen 3 bus. The M4700 supports the AMD FirePro M4000 (which has 1GB of RAM) or Nvidia Quadro K1000M or K2000M (2GB each) chips. The M6700 and Covet offer the AMD FirePro M6000 (2GB), Nvidia Quadro K3000M (2GB), K4000M (4GB) or K5000M (4GB).

Pricing begins at £1,179 plus VAT for the M4700 and £1,669 plus VAT for the M6700.

Dell has also announced that a future model – no doubt running Windows 8, which is released on October 26 – will offer multi-touch input.