Prime Minister David Cameron is among a group of 150 “thought leaders” that LinkedIn members can now get regular updates from, as part of the social network's new Follow the Leader feature.

Until now, LinkedIn's 175 million users could only share information with their immediate circle of contacts on the service – people who had accepted their requests to connect.

The new feature, which LinkedIn announced on Tuesday, takes its cue from popular micro-blogging site Twitter, which allows users to check for updates from leaders, celebrities and high-profile figures.

As well as David Cameron, the list of thought leaders includes politicians such as President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, as well as prominent business people such as Virgin mogul, Richard Branson and Dragons’ Den entrepreneur, James Caan.

LinkedIn members who follow these people can view status updates and longer form posts, as well as other content such as videos. They will also be able to engage directly in professional conversations with influencers, commenting directly on their posts and sharing them with their networks.

We know millions of conversations take place on LinkedIn everyday,” said Ryan Roslansky, head of content products at LinkedIn, in a blog post.

“Today, we’re providing another way for you to get even more value from LinkedIn by accessing the incredible insights and information directly from some of the most recognised and influential professionals on LinkedIn.”

Examples of content currently available include an account of David Cameron’s recent trip to Brazil to discuss trade links, and details of the ongoing political battle in the US with President Obama discussing his plans to move the US forward.

LinkedIn plans to expand the list of influencers users can follow over the next view months. Both universally-recognised thought leaders and industry-specific movers and shakers will be considered. Those interested in becoming an influencer on LinkedIn can submit their request here.