T-Mobile has announced it will slash its mobile data roaming charge to just 2 Euros (£1.50) per megabyte across the EU by mid-2008. The company added that the new fee will apply on any mobile network, not just its own networks.

"This is the first pan-European all-network flat price," declared Hamid Akhavan, the CEO of T-Mobile International, speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Carriers such as 3 and Vodafone already offer preferential data roaming rates, but only on their own networks in other countries.

"With other offers, you have to worry whose network you're on and make sure your handset is connected to the right one - not with ours," said Akhavan.

The new tariff looks set to pre-empt threats from the EU of mobile data price regulation. Fearsome EU commissioner Viviane Reding set an ultimatum on Monday for the operators to cut the cost of roaming data or face price caps.

Akhavan said that as well as the 2 Euro/MB rate, T-Mobile will offer a daily cross-network package allowing the user to download up to 50MB for 15 Euro.

"We will gradually launch the new roaming services during 2008, and hope to be complete by mid-year," he said. "We will also introduce a daily spending cap later this year, so users can avoid nasty surprises."

He noted that T-Mobile is currently seeing a 50 percent increase in data traffic and a 40 percent increase in mobile broadband revenue every 90 days.