D-Link has announced a major upgrade to its fast Wi-Fi for business line, featuring a new access point and a large switch able to support up to sixty-four 802.11n wireless access points.

The Gigabit-based DWS-4026's main upgrade is support for the data throughputs that pass to and from it from 802.11n ‘fast Wi-Fi' access points, including the new DWL-8600 access point (AP) with which it is designed to be paired.

Building on this, each switch can be ‘clustered' with three others, allowing 256 access points to managed under one cluster master. Clustering offers a number of benefits - especially for large businesses intent on making extensive use of fast Wi-Fi - including much greater redundancy and a more rational application of security across large installations, D-Link said.

Elsewhere, the DWS-4026 gets fast roaming (the ability to move from access point to access point without disruption), and more robust support for demanding Wi-Fi applications such as IP phones in the form of VoIP quality of service.

As has become standard on devices in this class, the 4026 has wireless intrusion detection systems (WIDS) to spot rogue access points and clients, always one of the biggest worries of Wi-Fi in business. Many of the worst wireless security breaches have come from this sort of basic infrastructure attack.

"The business solution pairing of D-Link's DWL-8600AP and DWS-4026 is the ideal choice for enterprises and service providers looking for a scalable and reliable system that offers greater coverage to their wireless voice and data network," said D-Link's UK and Ireland managing director, Chris Davies.

The 4026 costs £4,860 (plus VAT) while the new 8600 access points come in at £486 (plus VAT) each. US and euro prices were due to be announced separately.