Coverity, which offers tools for code quality and security, is set to announce its acquisition of Solidware Technologies, which provides visibility into code.

With the acquisition, Coverity wants to give developers and engineering managers information on software readiness, said Coverity Chief Scientist Andy Chou. "The idea is to determine if software is ready for release."

Solidware's technology allows companies to ensure the release-readiness of software by combining data from multiple quality and security tools. Through the synthesis of information from multiple sources, managers can identify and direct the repair of code branches that pose the greatest risk of failure or vulnerability, Coverity said.

Coverity provides products for improving the quality and security of C, C++ and Java code. Terms of its acquisition of Solidware were not disclosed.

Coverity plans call for integrating technology from Coverity's Prevent static analysis product with Solidware's SWaudit software for project readiness. "That will provide additional information for SWaudit's readiness metrics," said Chou.

This integration is expected to be completed later this summer.

With Solidware's technology, development teams can assess code complexity, violation of best practices, software architectures, interdependencies, and test coverage. This technology will be enhanced to leverage Coverity's Software DNA Map analysis system for development teams to ensure code integrity.

Coverity completed its merger with Solidware this month. The Solidware buy is Coverity's second acquisition of a company in 2008. In May, Coverity bought Codefast