Just the thing for the hard-pressed sysadmin: next time a user does something really, really stupid, he can bring Miss Whiplash into play. Or if a dominatrix doesn’t quite hit the spot, perhaps the devil is the just the thing to bring users to heel.

Miss Whiplash and the Devil (looking spookingly like William Hague) are just two of the characters that have been developed by software developers, the DA Group. Other avatars include a David Beckham-lookalike footballer (presciently dressed in an all-white strip) and James Bond.

Kristan Rivers, head of mobile business at DA Group, said “Stereotypes is the first service that allows users to generate their own high-quality MMS content directly from their phones. Before Stereotypes, users typically had to create MMS content on a PC and then download it to a phone.”

A company spokesman said that the service would be sold to service providers and that the DA Group was already talking to several.

The company claimed the avatars would enhance the experience of using multimedia messaging service (MMS). Primarily aimed at the 18-35 age range – the avatars would have a range of moods which the company said would reflect the nature of the message through the avatar.

The DA Group could be missing out a market here. All a sysadmin needs is an avatar that can deliver the message “If you forget your password once more, I’m going to stick that PC somewhere it’s completely inaccessible by an engineer” and DA would be doing good business within the techie community.