Smartphone users can now get push email, print documents wirelessly and sync their handset's personal organiser remotely - as long as the handset in question isn't an iPhone.

Hosted by Cortado, the €20-a-month synchronisation service is built on Nokia's Intellisync software. Intellisync allows users to sync contacts, diary entries, memos and to-do lists, and can also remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device, said Cortado business director Dirk Löwenberg.

Cortado said it will also offer several add-on services using software developed by its parent company, Thinprint. These cost an extra €8 a month include the ability to print emails or documents from the handset to a fax machine or wirelessly send them to a laptop for on-screen display, but each costs.

Although Intellisync is now owned by Nokia, it is still handset and network-independent, according to Löwenberg. It can sync to a variety of handsets, including Symbian, Palm and Windows Mobile - though not yet the Apple iPhone - and each account can be used with up to five different devices, he said.

"The huge advantage of the Cortado Intellisync package is that you can simultaneously sync several devices of different make and model with one personal account," he added. "It further allows you accept or decline meeting requests on the go."

He claimed that while networks can offer cheaper push email services, an independent service such as this not only covers more than just email, but it also allows users to change wireless provider without losing their email.

Löwenberg added that Cortado also offers a free push-email service supported by advertising. This can be used on any handset with an email client that supports IMAP-push - that includes the iPhone but excludes Windows Mobile, he said.