Cloud desktop services provider Cortado is combining mobile device management with corporate network access in the latest version of its Corporate Server product.

According to Cortado, Corporate Server 6.0 offers full desktop functionality and file access to mobile and remote workers, while allowing companies to keep control of user and device activities and permissions in a secure way. This is becoming increasingly important as employees bring their own mobile devices into the workplace.

Unlike a VPN solution, Corporate Server 6.0 enables users to interact with local applications on their device. For example, users can engage in corporate file sharing and cloud printing, and access an enterprise resource store where they can safely install web applications.

Meanwhile, mobile device management (MDM) features built into Corporate Server 6.0 mean that organisations can monitor traffic and the condition of devices, selectively wipe corporate documents if a device is lost or stolen, and implement a range of policies for managing mobile devices based on the ActiveSync proxy.

“Integrating devices into the corporate network has always been one of the main focuses in developing Cortado Corporate Server, which in its latest version has been enhanced with additional MDM features,” said Carsten Mickeleit, CEO and President of Cortado AG.

“The result is Cortado Corporate Server 6.0, the world’s only mobile device management system to deliver a full range of desktop features for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices as well as PCs and Macs, enabling organisations to realise their BYOD (bring your own device) programs.”

Last year, Cortado also added HTML5 compatibility to its Corporate Server product, allowing end users to share data and functionality, regardless of operating system platform.