While Microsoft has long enabled developers to turn Java into its own .Net code, the web services arm of CyberNet has now produced a tool that works the other way.

"You take the Microsoft intermediate code and convert it to pure J2EE code," said Jim Stewart, CEO of Stryon. Stryon’s iNet product moves apps and Web services from Visual Basic .Net, C#, and J# to Java without the need to rewrite the code, it claims.

This means you can move .Net applications from Windows to Linux and consolidate .Net applications on Linux-based mainframes, Stewart said. It is fast becoming the norm for shops to have both Java and .Net applications, he said.

Applications using .Net can be redeployed to servers such as IBM's WebSphere, BEA's WebLogic, or JBoss. iNet can also be used to let partners to integrate Java apps with yourself. "With our tool, people really absolutely can stay in their Microsoft Visual Studio development environment," Stewart said. iNet will also convert Core, ADO.Net, XML, and ASP.Net.

However, while Microsoft’s Java Language Conversion Assistant for moving Java code over to .Net is free, Stryon charges for its software. Prices range from $995 for Linux or Wintel, to $9,995 for Unix and $19,995 for mainframe deployment. The product also is available for a free 30-day evaluation period.