Compuware has upgraded its CloudSlueth tool aimed at providing guidance as to how cloud providers are performing. The free software, which was launched in beta earlier this year, has been enhanced to offer some new features, in particular the Cloud Performance Analyser.

This uses a sample e-commerce application that allows business to assess how an application would perform in the cloud. "Many businesses put their applications in the cloud but don't know how it will perform. This is a cool new application that lets users understand an ecommerce application by allowing them to interact with that application, " said Doug Willoughby, Compuware's director of cloud services.

He said that CloudSleuth would also enable companies to get a handle on which providers are performing well in which particular regions so they'd be able to assess how an application could perform on a global basis.

Willoughby said that he been surprised by the support shown for CloudSleuth by service providers. "I expected enterprises to be interested but there's plenty of interest from service providers too.; The SPs think it's great that we're showing performance and availability.

He said that CloudSleuth would continue to be developed. " There's going to be a great deal of interest in it. As consumers rely on more on cloud-delivered services, how do you perform diagnostics? It's a completely new skillset to deploy them in the cloud." He added that CloudSleuth itself would change, "I certainly see that we'll be offering more dashboards in the future but," he said, "it will always remain free to users – although we might have to start charging service providers at some point in the future."