Compuware has released software aimed at helping developers to deliver better applications by closer monitoring of their processes.

The Compuware Quality Management tool is targeted at companies ready to move beyond test management tools but not yet mature enough for a quality governance tool, said Mike Burba, Compuware's marketing director. "When companies don't have quality process or quality manage solutions, they'll have some teams who are pretty good ... but they don't consistently deliver high-quality [applications]," he said. "Fingers get pointed, and there is anecdotal evidence ... but it is very difficult for them to say with any certainty where the problem is."

The software is designed to help quality assurance organisations put into place repeatable quality processes and metrics to track ongoing projects, Burba said. It gives quality managers the data they need to quickly identify problems and resolve issues, he said.

"A large percentage of the market is relatively immature ... in terms of their quality maturity," Burba said. "The goal is really to enable that quality assurance team to get their house in order, to make sure they are becoming consistent and repeatable in their quality processes."