Compuware has added mobile user monitoring to the latest release of its Gomez application management software.

The news comes as Compuware moved to rebrand all of its APM  products, including Vantage for on-premise systems, under the Gomez banner. The supplier acquired the formerly independent vendor Gomez in 2009.

Compuware said the addition of mobile user monitoring was important because businesses increasingly depend on revenue-generating and customer-facing applications that use mobile devices. Monitoring application performance was becoming more complex in this scenario, it said.

In what it branded as an “industry first”, Compuware said Gomez will allow businesses to understand the performance end users are experiencing when using native mobile applications or accessing websites from mobile devices. It works for all mobile devices and operating systems.

Additionally, the latest release of Gomez includes mobile readiness assessment, which provides an automatic report on the readiness of a website for mobile visitors. The system scores sites against a set of standards and suggests areas of improvement.

The system also offers measurement of the business impact of poor performance on web conversions, by correlating web performance with abandonment along each step of a transaction. For every step, Gomez measures the number of users who have a “satisfying, tolerating or frustrating” experience.

Gomez is also integrated with Google Page Speed, so that users can assess web performance against a set of rules and see recommendations for improvement.

Using Compuware’s network of machines globally, from individual users who sign up in return for cash, Gomez measures web transactions globally, including last mile performance. The system is also able to highlight which problems are on a particular website, and which are general internet performance issues. It can also draw on the network of machines for genuine load testing.

Bruce Reading, senior VP of APM at Compuware, said: “Competition is intense, and the need to optimise application performance has never been greater.”