Users are refusing to upgrade their copy of Veritas NetBackup until problems with version 6.0 are ironed out.

Even though the latest version of the data backup and recovery product was shipped more than a year ago, there remain a number of problems including issues with the vault service, which automates tape rotation; the scheduler, which lets users specify the times that backups are run; and the Job Manager service, which accepts backup jobs and then runs them. When these features don't work, automated backups can't be performed and aren't saving the data properly when they do, users have said.

The hope is that Symantec's Maintenance Pack 4, due in October, will fix the bugs. The most recent maintenance pack was made available on 30 June. Veritas announced NetBackup 6.0 in April 2005 and began shipping it in October, just after Symantec announced that it was buying the company.

Bank of Canada plans on staying at NetBackup Version 5.0 "until it's apparent things with 6.0 have improved," said Paul Keating, an IT manager at the bank.

Steve Bally, systems engineer for engineering company RadiSys, said the same. "The vault service won't start" and without it, Bally said, he can't perform tape duplication or send backups off-site.

There are about 36,000 users of NetBackup, according to Symantec. Mike Adams, group manager for NetBackup, said he could not say how many of those users have migrated to Version 6.0. "Anecdotal evidence" is that there is "good uptake," he said.