For the second year in a row, Comdex has been cancelled thanks to lack of interest - and hence money - from the big IT companies.

MediaLive International has promoted the November show based in Las Vegas since 2003 but last night confirmed it wouldn't happen in 2005, as it didn't in 2004.

"Since the postponement of Comdex 2004 we've been working diligently to determine how Comdex can best meet the future needs of the industry," a MediaLive spokesman said. "Through our continued discourse across the community of IT buyers, vendors and other stakeholders, we've made significant progress. However, considerable work remains to build an industry event to serve the industry as it matures with the same success that Comdex did in its infancy."

The promoters said that they "continue to believe that the $1 trillion IT industry needs an annual event" and that they remain committed to bringing Comdex back in 2006. They said much the same thing last June when they cancelled the 2004 show.

A few weeks later, the show's organisers announced the creation of a Comdex advisory board, composed of vendor representatives, to help rework the event into something more useful to sponsors and attendees.

The last Comdex left some attendees wondering if they would return in future years. The 2003 event had been touted by organisers as smaller and more IT-focused. Many attendees said it made them realise smaller, more-targeted IT shows were more beneficial to them in the long run, especially if they required less travel. About 40,000 visitors attended Comdex 2003, down from some 200,000 in its heyday during the 1990s.