Cloud development company CollabNet has announced a new partnership with IT process automation firm UC4 Software to help IT organisations achieve enterprise DevOps at scale.

DevOps is the practice of aligning an organisation's development environment more closely with its operational environment, so developers will better know what changes to make to an application, based on performance metrics and feedback from administrators.

According to UC4 Software, which spoke to Techworld earlier this year, the notion of DevOps could become as prevalent as Cloud Computing or Big Data, with IT departments striving to stay agile while still developing and releasing stable code.

Under the terms of the agreement, CollabNet will embed UC4's Application Release Automation functionality within its TeamForge Agile ALM platform.

CollabNet's TeamForge ALM platform is used by enterprises to simplify and manage the growing complexity of faster release cycles, global distributed teams, and the hybrid use of processes, tools and clouds.

Meanwhile, UC4's Application Release Automation platform automates and orchestrates all activities involved in application deployment and operations, allowing for different environments, owners and processes to work in unison.

The combined product, called CollabNet Deploy with UC4, will help improve productivity and compliance by automating the development-through-deployment process – including code, build, test, release, deployment and IT automation.

It will also help organisations reduce IT costs by reducing the number of deployment-related outages and saving on resources needed to configure, deploy and fix defects, the companies said in a statement.

CollabNet and UC4 claim that this is the first “truly enterprise class” offering of its kind.

“The point solution vendors like Nolio, UrbanCode or Xebia just don’t have the Ops platform to do what we do and they are not partnered with the leading Dev platforms in a deeply integrated way, in terms of both the technology and the business,” a spokesperson for UC4 told Techworld.

CollabNet Deploy with UC4 will be available worldwide from 30 November 2012, and can be deployed across a range of on-premise and external clouds.