Citrix Systems has upgraded its application performance management software.

The EdgeSight application monitoring product line tracks performance in real time from a user perspective across application types. The new 4.2 releases cover the performance of any application and provide additional information on applications delivered by Citrix Presentation Server, the company said.

EdgeSight 4.2 for Endpoints collects performance, availability and other application information. It can send real-time alerts to server software, as well as forward data used for tracking trends. It works on desktop, laptops or mobile devices, and can store data for up to 30 days. Network managers access the through a Web interface. EdgeSight 4.2 for Presentation Server controls, secures and manages user access to applications and data running on centralised Citrix servers.

The release will provide system administrators with "visibility into session-level performance" and diagnostic capabilities that will help them isolate and resolve performance problems in real time, the company said. The software also provides capacity-planning features by analysing resource consumption.

Client-side application management is a critical step in monitoring performance, industry watchers say, especially as more applications are disassociated from specific servers and delivered via Citrix servers, Web services or as components of a service-oriented architecture.

"Today, applications are more complex and no longer tightly coupled to the underlying infrastructure," wrote George Hamilton, director of enterprise computing and networking at the Yankee Group. "The correlation of infrastructure performance to end-user experience has broken down, driving the need for better management of applications within a production environment and active management of the end-user experience."

Citrix EdgeSight 4.2 starts at $70 per user.